LifeNabled 3D

We are excited to be part of creating the future in 3D printed prosthetics. We are actively innovating through research and development techniques that ensure quality remains a top priority. While traditional prosthetic sockets will still have a place in certain situations, the opportunity to move forward with 3D printing paves the way for helping more patients with less material and time costs. 3D printing also allows the potential for more access to prosthetic care for patients in impoverished parts of the world. We currently have a growing number of patients, in multiple parts of the world, testing our 3D socket designs and we are seeing excellent results.

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5 Ways You Can Change The World With Prosthetics Today

1. Purchase the App

DigiScan 3D is an App created by LifeNabled. This App is currently available for purchase on the Apple App store. It is a monthly subscription. While we are specifically using the technology for prosthetic purposes, scanning, modifying and 3D printing could be used for a wide variety of fields, hobbies, entrepreneurs etc. Simply by purchasing our App, you are furthering our mission because all proceeds go directly towards advancing prosthetics in the developing world via LifeNabled.

2. Contribute

Contribute to the purchase of additional 3D printers. We could easily print two a day on just one printer. Imagine if we had multiple printers in a central location working around the clock?! We could help so many amputees!

3. Collaborate

Are you currently in the O&P field or do you have other experience with 3D printing and materials? Want to collaborate as we solidify our product?

4. Join Us

Are you an O&P professional or simply adventurous and open to new ideas, specifically with an interest in the developing world? You could come with us to Guatemala as we put our product to the test.

5. Sponsor

Own your own business or like what we do but unable to participate hands-on? Grants and monetary contributions, obviously, make a big difference in how far we can go with this technology. Sponsorships and other similar opportunities are available.