LifeNabled 3D

We are excited to create a future for amputees and their healthcare with 3D-printed prosthetic devices. Our vision is to produce innovative engineering in Software App Development, as well as high quality education for productive rehabilitation.

While traditional prosthetic sockets still have a place in certain situations, 3D printing paves the way for us to create more cutting-edge prosthetics with less waste of materials and time. 3D printing has opened a huge window of opportunity for all amputees living in impoverished conditions.

We currently have a growing number of patients globally, who are testing our 3D socket designs. We are witnessing excellent results.

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How You Can Improve an Amputee’s Life Right Now…

1. Purchase the App – The Biggest Impact You Can Have!

We created the innovative DigiScan 3D App for purchase on the Apple App store as a monthly subscription. Although we work with this technology for prosthetic purposes, scanning, modifying and 3D printing…

You could adapt it easily for your own interests, hobbies, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Simply by purchasing our App, you immediately improve the following for amputees in developing nations: their mobility, vitality, and ability to be a productive members of their societies.

All all proceeds go directly towards advancing prosthetics in the developing world via LifeNabled.

2. Contribute to the purchase of additional 3D printers.

3. Collaborate with us if you are in Orthotics & Prosthetics &/or know how to work with 3D printing.

4. Join Us us in Guatemala for product testing and proof-of-concept.

5. Sponsor our work from afar if unable to participate hands-on via grants and donations.