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US Charity LifEnabled Brings 3D Printed Prosthesis to the Developing World

Meredith and Brent Wright, a married couple from North Carolina have launched LifEnabled to help amputees in the developing world. Making personalized prosthesis is supported by the use of 3D scanning mobile app DigiScan 3D, CNC milling and 3D printing…


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LifEnabled, Inc. Merges Compassion And Innovation For 3D Prosthetic Printing

Brent Wright, CP/BOC/O, believes the future of prosthetics lies in additive manufacturing. After 20 years in the Orthotics and Prosthetics field, Wright has witnessed how this technology is changing mindsets in the U.S. That said, he feels it has much wider implications: making prosthetics affordable and attainable, globally…


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LifEnabled Makes 3D Printed Prosthetics More Accessible with DigiScan 3D App

One of the most inspiring and positive uses we have seen for 3D technology is the development of prosthetics. The easy customisation that the 3D printing process offers allows these life-changing objects to be personalised for the body of an individual wearer, and the low cost means that such advanced prosthetics can be made available to those most in need…