What We Do

LifEnabled is a not-for-profit prosthetic provider of prosthetic solutions for the developing world.

Our mission:

Enable. Train. Serve.

What We Do - Enable


Our goal is not only to enable mobility for the patients we serve, but also to enable other prosthetists, mission groups and nonprofit organizations to serve patients all around the world through our training and innovative designs. We hope to enable others with the skills and materials necessary in order to make affordable prosthetics available worldwide!

What We Do - Train


In order to expand our scope and reach, we realize we must train others to take the same processes and materials to the various regions of the world where they are already serving. There are many individuals, groups and organizations that would like to provide high-quality, durable, proven prosthetic devices in the developing world but do not know where to begin. With over 10 years experience in overseas clinics, combined with our innovative new designs and materials, we want to share the knowledge and make affordable prosthetic care available to all. We are in the process of developing training courses for developing world prosthetics as well as 3D printing and design.

What We Do - Serve


Currently, LifEnabled provides free, bi-annual prosthetic clinics at Hospital Shalom in San Benito, Guatemala. These clinics allow us the ability to not only give new prosthetic opportunities to those who otherwise can’t afford it, but it also allows for on-going support and follow-up care to previous patients, especially pediatrics who grow quickly!